English Hats

By today everyone has seen, heard, and even read about the royal wedding between The Duke and the newly proclaimed Duchess of Cambridge.*

*William and Kate for those of us who don’t understand the rankings of English Monarchs

First of, congrats to them both–especially you Kate Middleton. All the stress and pressure of being engaged and then wed to a REAL PRINCE must be beyond my level of comprehension. The paparazzi, the internet rumors, all the little girls who think that they too can become a Disney princess but then realize that it’s more likely to win the lottery. Kudos to you Kate. Kudos to you.

Honestly, that’s not what caught my attention during this royal ceremony. As you may or may not have noticed, there was an OBSCURE HAT CONVENTION going on that same day.

All eyes on me.

English Monarchs sure do have a weird sense of style.  My only complaint: HOW MANY PINS ARE IN YOUR HAIR?

I just don’t understand the sudden interest in obscure hats?

But I do appreciate the wide variety of internet memes this event had to offer.



Speachless? Really? You out of all people?

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