The “New” Old Spice

Look down at your keyboard.
Scroll down with your mouse.
Now look up at your screen.
What do you see?
NEW Old Spice Videos.

Remember the Feb 4, 2010 Superbowl Old Spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like ” commercial with Isaiah Mustafa? Don’t lie, that ad went viral faster than the Nyan Cat, we’ve all seen it and we all liked it. It’s been a bit more than year since that commercial aired and P&G Old Spice sales are still off the charts.

The reason to Old Spice’s success was that  Isaiah Mustafa drew us to his attention. We did what he told us to do. When he said to look down. We looked down. When he said to buy Old Spice. We bought Old Spice. Some say that it was his muscular physic that lured us in, others say it was his voice. Regardless, HE sold the product.

So why the change?

Well, us Gen.Y’s may not remember, but way back when, Fabio was the MAN.
He was on every book cover….

He was in every movie, commercial, print-ad–this guy was EVERYWHERE and where ever he went everybody knew his name. Fabio this. Fabio that. This man would have been able to sell light bulbs to the Amish.

But that was then…. Now, I don’t have a problem with Wieden + Kennedy choosing Fabio for the new campaign. No, that’s not the issue. The issue is that these new ads feel almost….forced.

It could be me? It could be the fact that Wieden + Kennedy are trying now to reach Gen X?Or it could just be Fabio’s acting? Your Thoughts?


One response to “The “New” Old Spice

  1. I think that Fabio’s acting isn’t very good. I preferred the guy that they had before Fabio because he was funny and his acting wasn’t forced even though the commercials were random. The “I’m on a horse.” phrase made me laugh every time.

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