Narcissistic Twitter

On August 26 2011, just three days after the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that shook the American east coast, Twitter released a video on Youtube….

According to @Twitter the surge of 40,000 earthquake-related tweets flooded the network within 60 seconds of the quake striking. That’s plenty of time to warn people, right?

Wrong! Take a look at the video once more….

  • First off, you live in Virgina and out of no where a massive earthquake rocks your world, what do you do? Personally, I would see if everyone in the household is okay, then possibly check on my neighbors, following a massive phone call to my family members to see if they are all right….THEN updating my status. But, by that time, it’ll be too late. The earthquake would have happened and my warning won’t be acceptable.
  • According to twitter, it took 30-seconds for the earthquake to travel from Virgina to New York. How about New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virgina? I bet they didn’t get the tweet in time either.
  • Shameless self promotion: the mug–really Twitter, really? (Okay you caught me, I want that mug.)
  • You are a Twitter software engineer (Danny Hertz, the man who plays in this ad) who most likely receives over 10,000 tweets a day. How would your phone only ring once? Realistically, it would ring over a billion times a day…so many times a day that you would eventually stop the notification and turn your phone on silent. Because of that, this commercial would be improbable.
  • That must be a damn good book. So good in-fact that you wouldn’t even place it down for one second and turn around to see how your coworkers are doing.  But you do look away to view a tweet? Tsk, tsk, tsk.
  • A beaver plushie, papers, pillows, shirts, towels, and a bike. What kind of break-room is that?
  • “Twitter: Faster than earthquakes.”—Again, from whose perspective?

Should we suspect another commercial for Hurricane Irene as well?

I spoke too soon…


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