How To…Cure A Cold in 24 Hours

It’s October, and you know what that means: Halloween, Rosh Hashanah, Columbus Day, football, and colder weather. Although I admire a decent sick day every now and again, there are sometimes in life when you honestly cant afford to get sick.  May it be a next day presentation, lunch date, or even job interview, getting sick will literally ruin your day.

Courtesy of Allison Vanderveen

So after years and years of dealing with multiple annoying colds, I have developed a PERFECT 24-hour cure. I am not an educated physician. I am not your doctor. These methods have not been certified by the FDA, ADA, or any other important acronym-named company. If you are really, truly, sick, go to the doctor. These are just methods I use–results may vary.


  • It’s the number one cure. Drinking water has been proven to help flush out the toxins in your system, helping you feel better and more energetic within a short period of time. Now, you don’t have to go all fancy and bring out the purified bottled mineral water, ordinary tap will do just fine.
  • Water has also been proven to decrease flu-related headaches, which sometimes attribute to dehydration. I bet you didn’t know that?
  • When people tell you to drink water, this DOES NOT BY ANY MEANS give you the ‘okay-and-go’ to chug six bottles/glasses of water in under an hour’s time. That’s insane! People can die from over-hydration as well. The proper thing to do is drink, maybe, one single bottle/glass per hour–or once after you pee it out.
  • Staying hydrated does not only mean water. Drinking Orange Juice or any other 100% fruit juice of your choice can also help replenish your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs, but don’t go gulping that gallon of OJ either. As orange juice, or any other fruit juice for that matter, contains a natural acidic property which may cause throat irritation or acid reflux. Best to drink no more than twice a day.


  • People forget to eat when they are sick, this is why their recovery time is extended. You see, eating carbs like crackers, dry toast, or even plain pasta can help ease nausea while regulating the digestive track. If the digestive track is regulated, this means that the body can absorb more nutrients and by absorbing more nutrients, cellular production increases, with a large cellular production rate your immune system turns on the rockets and you’ll be flying off from your bed in no time.


  • Vitamin A: Helps get rid of the mucus as well as the congestion build-up.
  • Vitamin B: Will keep your body functioning to fight the infection.
  • Vitamin C: Minimize discomfort and help decrease the duration of your cold.
  • Vitamin D: Reduction of swelling.
  • Vitamin E: Prevent toxins from causing further illness.


  • Heat helps stimulate the body’s immune responses, which stops the virus’s reproduction cycle. So go to a sauna, workout at a gym, or my personal favorite, sleep under twenty-or-so blankets.
  • Lets say that you’re like me and you can’t sweat as much as you would like to, there are options. First off, wear layers. PLENTY of layers. Have about 5-6 long-sleeve shirts on and a ton of sweatpants–that’s why they are called ‘sweat’ pants/shirts because people sweat in them. You should too.


  • Ditch the 8-hour sleep scheduled. You’re sick, your body needs to recuperate. Take your vitamins, some painkiller, along with some NyQuil AND GO TO SLEEP. Ten-Fifteen hours MINIMUM. Your body needs to rest, you cant be out and about stressing. Your body needs to heal its self and it usually does that during your sleeping sessions. SO SLEEP.

Other quick-fix remedies:

  • Drink coffee, or tea. Stay away from all cold drinks and soda.
  • Have some Wasabi, it helps clear away sinus pressure.
  • Eat salad. Garlic and vinegar have been proven to help minimize mucus levels.
  • Take hot STEAMY showers (only if you do not have a fever)
  • Eat, drink, and sniff Ginger
  • Hypnotism.  If you believe you are sick, you will get worst. But if you believe that you are not sick–well, you get the point.
  • Chai-tea latte—if you are near a Starbucks.

I’m not going to wish you to feel better, that’s non-sense. I know for a fact that you are going to feel better and not only that, you will feel as strong as an ox and as hyper as a hyena when tomorrow comes.


2 responses to “How To…Cure A Cold in 24 Hours

  1. Thanks. I’ll try some of these tricks. I have a test this week and I can’t afford not to study because I’m sick. Great article as well by the way, very detailed :D.

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