Angry Birds Can Save the Economy

Originally released on December 2009, Angry Birds became an instant global obsession. Don’t deny it. I know you play it too. Everyone’s played Angry Birds once in their lifetime. It’s a necessity for physics teachers and professors now, and you know when teachers start using it, it must be good. It is so ‘good’ in fact that people spend their entire work hours playing this game. They get paid to (secretly)  sit around and touch their iPads all day long.

If only my job  was a good as theirs.

But there are side-effects you know…..

Courtesy of The Atlantic

I wonder what would happen if you got a dollar for every angry bird you threw across with a slingshot? Personally, I would already be a billionaire–where’s my seven bedroom yacht Rovio?


Speachless? Really? You out of all people?

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