Turtle Smuggling?

How did those turtles get in there?

I swear they weren’t in my suit case when I left Shanghai. I’m sorry Mr. Head-Executive, I dunno what to tell you.  They crawled in.

Yeah right. Like anyone will believe that story.It’s a slow news day folks, and when there is a slow news day comes the attempt of people stealing, and smuggling random shit into this country. COMMON PEOPLE! Turtles? Covered in nylon stocking? What happened to the time when people were attempting to smuggle in drugs? Is that still going on–because I dont hear about it anymore. Mexico? Cuba? Show me some Scarface-action here.

All I hear about now are the numerous underground turtle smugglers trying to smuggle in these little fellows. For what exactly, I have no idea? The funny part is, the guy didn’t try to smuggle in one or two turtles, no that’s too easy–it was 79. One must have died on the trip, otherwise why choose such a large, and odd number?

They MUST have wanted to breed these turtles in unison, to be the first to create and actual real-life Teenage Mutant Turtle. Other then that, I have no idea. How about you?

Wait, what’s that? A Rat-smuggling ring in NYC! Damn my observational skills.


Speachless? Really? You out of all people?

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