Starbucks–Now with MORE Juice.

You’re thirsty. You want something to drink, but you have no idea what you’re in the mood for.

Well, my good man, you are in luck. We live in the good-ol’ country of AMERICA! And in America, you have plenty of thirst-quenching options out there. In the mood for coffee: Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Caribou Coffee, Intelligentsia, Seattle’s Best…so on and so fourth. In the mood for Tea: Argo, Starbucks, Davids–bla, bla, and bla.

In the mood for Juices/Smoothies—-we’ll you can catch my drift here. America is the land of consumerism, and you will never, ever, ever become quenched of thirst here. Especially since there’s a Starbucks within every 5 miles in an urban environment (10-20 in rural areas.) But what’s this? Starbucks does not only serve coffee/teas/smoothies anymore? They started serving what?

This is NOT a video.

Juice? Really Starbucks? Let me guess, you’re in competition with Nakid now? How about Jamba Juice? Possibly V8?

Wow. More power to you. But let me just tell you one thing: If you are really going into the healthy juice buisness–have a sense of decency to at least spell “Vegetable” correctly. We’re not all from Bellevue, Washington.


Speachless? Really? You out of all people?

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