Dark Knight Rises

Was an EPIC.

Need. I . To. Say. More.

Now, I am the type who enjoys massive spoilers–so let me forewarn you: I am going to spoil the nonsense out of this movie with refreshing commentary.

  • First rule of showbiz: Once the ten-minute mark hits, there should be guns and explosions. You should, by this time, have already identified the antagonist.
  • Speaking of antagonist: Has anyone ever questioned the idea of Bane eating? How does he do it? Liquids only? Hospital I.V.?
  • Out of all the names you can possibly choose for yourself, why JOHN BLAKE? On another note, John couldn’t have been the only person in Gotham City to put two-and-two together. Bruce Wane dies the same day as Batman? Common.
  • Alfred you naughty, naughty man–you should have given Bruce the letter way before. Before he even risked his life for Rachel in part two.
  • When Ra’s al Ghul’s ghost (Liam Neeson) came on screen and talked about his wife being taken away, was I the only person who thought about TAKEN and TAKEN 2? I see what you did there Nolan. 🙂
  • Oh and my favorite part: “Quick kids, hide in the bus–the Atomic Bomb is about to explode.”

Aside from a few facts of criminal court held by Scarecrow, and the MIA of two-face (AKA: Harvey Dent). The movie was definitely a re-watch and DVD worthy.


Speachless? Really? You out of all people?

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