Green Chocolate?

Like most Americans, I have been on a diet.

Watching what I eat along with doing yoga and Pilates on a nightly bases. I would say that it’s going well–give or take that I have only lost 3lbs (1.3kg) within the month and starving while doing so, but that’s the price for looking pretty. You don’t hear Jillian Michaels complain about it. Regardless to say, I am actually quite impressed with the way I’ve been eating. More colorful stuff like bright vegetables, refreshing fruits, hell I’ve even started eating a mixed kale salad.

Oh, hello there Ryan.

But what really surprised me was this scientific marketing study published in  Health Communication that I this morning…

“College students believed  candy bars with  green labels were a healthier option than ones with a red label, despite the fact that had the same number of calories.”

The number of calories are effing right there?! How can you miss it? Also, did these so called ‘scientist’ actually give you a green chocolate bar? Because if that was the case, somebody must have been having a bad trip.


Speachless? Really? You out of all people?

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