Pull the Shower Curtain

I can’t believe you pulled away the shower curtain. How dare you! I was doing something of utter importance. Gah! Regardless, the image cannot be unseen. You must know the whole truth.

You can call me Zee, and this here is my blog. Obvious much?

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You are possibly on the borderline thought of  leaving this page to check your email OR you really need to use the bathroom…
Honestly, just get up and go. The website will still be up when you’re done…and lets face it; you and I both know that you like to take the laptop into the bathroom with you. Don’t deny it.  And as for you, you email-checker, have you ever heard of an app called Google Notifier?  No?–Oh, right I forgot, you don’t have Gmail. No offense, but people stopped using Netscape Mail over a decade ago. I understand if you have AOL or even YAHOO!, but Netscape? We really need to work on your internet skills.

Where were we?—Oh yes! This blog. Well….it’s a blog. You click on a link and read the text. If you like the selected text you rate it or share it on Facebook–or whatever social media site you spend 6-hours a day on.

That’s it. What, where you expecting more?
Sorry. 200 words per visitor.


Speachless? Really? You out of all people?

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